Vision & Mission


  • To Quality Education in a homely atmosphere.
  • To foster prosperity through technological development by means of education, innovation, collaborative research, development and emerge as a premier technical diploma institution in the field of handlooms.
  • To impart futuristic technical education and instill high patterns of disciplines through highly dedicated faculties who dream at setting global Standard, making our students technologically superior and ethically strong in turn, they will improve quality of the human race.
  • To provide facilities commensurate with 21stcentury Institute of higher learning in the field of Handloom Sector, in an environment which enhance the learning process.
  • To focus on excellence philosophy of education with human touch in the Handloom & Textile Sector.
  • To create ample opportunity for carrier advancement in the field of Handloom & Textile Sector & enabling environment for extracurricular achievement.
  • To create competent technician to cater the needs of industries and the nation as a whole by which students can compete with the best in the business and face the challenge of today’s world.
  • To develop high quality technician to meet the demand of industry and society.
  • To Promote and facilitate the continuous growth of the handloom industry to compete in the global market. 


  • Provide three years Diploma in Handloom & Textile Technology
  • Provide Quality Education
  • Promote Personal Development
  • Developing sustainable technical manpower
  • Transform the students into global citizens through development of their analytical thinking, creative instincts, physical growth and imbibing a sense of aesthetic and fairness
  • Prepare the students to become employers and create wealth rather than to make them just employable
  • Expand the knowledge and benefits to the society through research integrated with education. It strives to investigate most challenging, fundamental problems in technology
  • To dedicate ourselves to support the Handloom Sector at large in upgrading skill, development/ diversification of handloom products, technical advice, etc.


  • Recognize the technical needs in handloom & textile sectors.
  • Dedicated to produce and provide technically qualified personnel in the field.


Services are being offered primarily to the young generations of N.E. Region including Sikkim in terms of career progression in order to make them self dependent and to the individual handloom weavers and societies for updating value added new techniques.


  • Serve and strengthen the second largest sector of Indian Economy in terms of producing and   providing brilliant technologists with dedication, devotion and vision.
  • Transfer of R&D and technological advances in the handloom sector from lab to land.
  • Strive for quality education value addition.
  • Cater to the need of production centres; dye house, etc. in terms of qualified technologists.


  • Full commitment and support of the Government of India, Ministry of Textiles to make the Institute a vibrant focal point of handloom & textile technology for further and continuous development and growth of the handloom sector.
  • Qualified technical personnel in the field of weaving, processing, designing (CATD & CCM), dyeing and other supporting staff.
  • All need-based in operation looms, machines, accessories, allied equipment and all other teaching aids.
  • Need-based design development, technical input in the form of research in looms, dyeing techniques, innovations and prototype appliances for demonstration, used in the industries.
  • Class-wise excellent Weaving Sections, Processing Sections, Dyeing & Printing Section,  Computer Laboratory, CATD & CCM Sections, Library & Documentation Section.


Producing brilliant Handloom & Textile Technologists, making them self-dependent and/or for suitable placements under various leading handloom & textiles manufacturing units, organizations and exporters.


  • R&D work is carried out for unique sample development of innovative printing effects for value addition, printing on shade cards, natural dyes, etc.
  • To keep close liaison and interact with the industries in terms of usability of the DHTT curriculum and modify the syllabi by the concerned board at par with sustainable updating trends.


  • A complaint/grievance box is placed in the office which may be used to drop a written complaint/grievance. The box will be opened and checked daily for contents, if any.
  • A complaint/grievance will be promptly acknowledged and requisite action taken and communicated within 30 working days of receipt.
  • If for valid reason(s) a complaint/grievance cannot be redressed within the due time, a suitable interim intimation will be sent promptly.
  • All efforts will be made locally and satisfactory to redress grievances. However, if a complaint/grievance has not been attended to promptly or satisfactorily, at the local level, the matter may be considered to be taken up in writing with the following functionaries:

Development Commissioner (Handlooms), Ministry of Textiles, Room No.56, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi-110011. (OR)

Chief Enforcement Officer/Additional Development Commissioner/Joint Development Commissioner/Chief Vigilance Officer (Handlooms), Ministry of Textiles, Room No.56, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi-110011.