Testing Lab

Textile Testing lab is established with modern electronic textile testing instruments. The students are allowed to work on these instruments individually to carry out testing analysis of data and test result. The standard of training enables them to get placed in international labs. The list of some important

instruments are given below :-

1 Micro Scope- To view the cross sectional and longitudinal views of fibers
2 Baer sorter To analyse the staple fiber length parameters
3 Lea strength Tester To determine Lea breaking strength and CSP
4 Electronic Single yarn strength Tester- For testing tenacity of yarns
5 Drape Meter- For assessing Draping quality of fabrics.
6 GSM cutter with Electronic Balance- For the determination of weight of fabrics in gram per square meter.
7 Abrasion and Pilling Tester- For assessing abrasion and pilling Standards of upholstery materials.
8 Shirley Stiffness Tester- Determination of fabric stiffness by measuring bending length
9 Shirley Crimp Tester- To test crimp percentage of warp and weft yarns raveled from fabrics
10 Shirley Crease Recovery Tester- To measure the crease recovery property of fabrics in degree angle
11 Hot Air Oven- For oven drying of yarn and fabric samples to calculate moisture regain and moisture content.
12 Wrap Reel- To prepare samples for count and lea strength testing
13 Colour Matching Cabinet To match the colour in different source of light
14 Hydralic Bursting Strength Tester. To assess the bursting strength of knitted , Non-woven fabrics etc.
15 Electronic Twist Tester To test the TPI/TPM from the single and folded yarn.
16 Elmendorf Tearing Strength Tester To test the tearing strength of fabrics
17 Spray Rating Tester To determine the water repellency .
18 Electronic Lea Strength Tester To test the lea strength of cotton yarn in lbs from the calculation of CSP (Cont for Strength Product)
19 Heal’s Thickness Tester To determine the thickness of fabrics
20 Shrinkage Testing Tester To determine the shrinkage percentage of fabric directly after washing.
21 Laundrometer To test the washing fastness of dyed materials
22 Crock Meter To test the rubbing fastness of dyed materials
23 Beesley’s Balance To test count of yarn from small swatches of fabrics
24 Knowle’s Balance To determine count of yarn from cones and bundles